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Jul 16, 2004
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I am SO frustrated with mascara that SAYS it doesn't clump, buy it and then it DOES!!
I can't even begin to count how many I have now, have tried and have thrown away. I've looked at reviews and bought those with five stars.....CLUMPING. Is there really ANY mascara that does NOT clump without having to break my budget big time or put the stuff in layaway???
Thanks for any suggestions. I am presently using Max Factor Volume Couture which had very high clumps!! Thanks for any help with this.
My favorite non clumping mascara is NYC Curling Mascara and it is only $3! My trick with other mascaras that clump is to brush through the clumps with an old mascara brush.

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I've only experienced this problem when the mascara was old and too thick.

full and soft. but to make any mascara look its best, you need a metal lash comb. every mascara i have that used to suck looks good now. Its not a big step & its worth it

Maybe there is something with how you apply the mascara that makes it clump?

For me, the mascara's I have that do not clump (for me) are:

L'Oreal Voluminous

Maybelline Great Lash, Full n Soft, Sky High Curves

Diorshow Mascara

CoverGirl LashExact and VolumeExact

Define "clumping". I've never had issues with mascara until I tried waterproof mascara. If you want mascara that doesn't "clump", then try Clinique (not sure which one, but they all seem to be "thin" as far as the formula goes) or Maybelline Full n' Soft. Also, try to wiggle the brush when you apply the mascara, your technique of application can also cause it to go on thicker. You may also blot your mascara wand on a tissue before application.

cover girl lash exact is really good on me and doesn't clump

And make sure you aren't leaving your mascara anywhere there is a lot of heat. I noticed this makes mascara clumps.

Clinique naturally glossy, is the only mascara I've ever tried that is truly clump free. The rest I just have to deal with cause I like to put on several coats. Blotting the wand on the tissue does work in most cases, or at least improves the clumping.

Hm... I find my mascara is harder to work with if its cold!

Some mascaras get thick and clumpy after too many coats, the only ones Ive tried that are clump free are CoverGirl LashExact and VolumeExact and MAC Plushlash (only 13 bucks). I love these 3 mascaras!! I also tried Maybellines Define A Lash and it doesnt clump but it does nothing for my lashes. Oh and also after about 2 months of regular use I replace my mascara, because if I keep it longer than that it gets clumpy no matter what it is.

Try Givenchy's Eye Fly mascara. It lengthens and thickens, but does not clump one bit, not even a hint of it. It does not come cheap, but the flip side is that you don't need to use alot of it to make it work.

Lash Stylist is awesome for me, best brush ever! My fiance always comments on how separated my lashes are, and how my mascara rules, haha.

I LOVE maybelline lash expansion waterproof mascara or any thing Maybelline for that matter. I believe the clumping maybe because you are applying to many coats? I apply 3 at the most and when I apply I move the wand Left to Right while I "pull" the wand from the base to the ends of lashes if that makes sense. If you have alot of mascara on the wand when you pull it out of the tube you can clean it on a paper towel then re-insert it in to the tube, then try and apply to your lashes. Note do not use Klenex to clean wand. Also like mentioned above I wouldn't keep any one tube of mascara for more than 8 weeks at the most. Not only because as it gets old and dried out it's more likely to clump but also because of bacteria growning in the tube.


I always try to get off as much excess as possible. That includes running the brush along tissue before applying. Before the mascara dries completely, I will use a comb to separate them.


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