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Aug 18, 2005
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If you don't have a spouse or significant other, how about your siblings??

I am an introvert and so is my boyfriend. He's always been that way and he's shy.

So what about your partner or sibling?

My wife has some traits of an introvert.. She doesn't like to go out but will get involved when it comes to something more personal.. Like family and school.. Me I'm the other way.. Extro pluss some.. Have to be to do what I do for a hobby!! Lol

I don't have a SO.

But my brother and half-brother are both somewhat introverted. Not quite as bad as I am, though.

My mom and younger sibling are introverts. My dad is not, fiance, and I are all loud, sarcastic, extroverted people...haha. I couldn't imagine being any other way.

My fiancé is the biggest extrovert I know. He´s always in a good mood and the life of every party. That´s what I love about him, it never gets boring to hang out with him.

In my family most (but not all) females are slight introverts, and almost all the males are extroverts.

Im an introvert and my SO is a extrovert. Hes always been that way and I dont think that'll change anytime soon. Ive always been shy and I cant help that. It sucks at times but oh well.

Sometimes I wish he were an introvert. I very much am and at times his behavior draws too much attention to me. By association!

My husband is very much extroverted! He's always got a smile for everyone!

nah, i'm the only freak in the family, lol. my brother has some traits, so does my dad, but they're really not as much introverted as i am.

I am somewhat of an introvert .. I am getting better but I still do way more talking online than I do in real life.


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