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Dec 28, 2011
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Wondering if anyone else has signed up to this website?  It's pretty interesting and as someone posted in another thread, very similar to sirclesamples.com.  You earn coins by just writing your opinions,or sharing thoughts on subjects like:style,beauty,products,relationships,kids.etc... and then redeem for free beauty products.

Come to think of it, it's like this forum but you earn free beauty products for posting a thought!

I joined. If you're at home all the time and bored, and completely addicted to sitting in front of your computer, it's kind of fun!

haha^^so true!!  kind of like us here in this forum who have time to post hundreds, if not a thousand threads!  would we be considered obsessive-i know my dh thinks i am:)

I wish I had known about this site before my promotion lol. I used to have so much free time at work but that is changing big time! 

congrats on your promo, jenna!  i just signed up today and already have 2000 coins:)lol  it doesn't take up too much time since there are a ton of ways to earn them on this website.(ie.you can earn coins for just reading someones post and even more if you comment on it)  i am enjoying their web layout and finding it very easy to navigate through their pages...

Thanks for the tip! This will be really fun to do when I have some down time (which isn't often, unfortunately). You can't beat free samples of beauty products!

I joined this too, I want the stretch mark cream though which is 9000 Oc's for .75 oz haha. It'll take me awhile to get there...

is anyone else having issues when they go to the sample shop? My browser always freezes on that page...

They have the stretch mark cream in sircle right now. I did have some probs w/ the sample shop but it loaded eventually.


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