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Feb 1, 2006
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Have you ever looked at life and wondered why things happen as they do?

"Why?" is one of life's great mysteries.

Why did you get fired from your job, or why were you betrayed by someone you thought was a friend, or why did you lose a loved one so unexpectantly, or why this, or why that?

Some things never seem to make sense. They never seem to have a reason. But then maybe you don't see the whole picture.

You don't see that there's probably a better job out there with your name on it.

You don't see that through the hurt of being betrayed by a lifelong "friend", you'll learn what real loyalty is all about. And the hurtful experience will mold you into a person of honor. A person of character. A person of kindness.

You don't see that someday you'll be the person who encourages, nurtures, and cries with somebody who has lost a loved one.

No, life doesn't seem to make sense at the time we actually go through tests, trials and tribulations. But hopefully, someday, we'll see why it all took place.

The next time you face some unpleasant event in life just remember, somewhere it all adds up.

Source: Ben Holden

I thought this was very interesting and very true indeed.

I believe firmly and faithfully that things happen for a reason. The good, bad and ugly. I have experienced extreme joy and extreme pain. I used to question "why" and never was quite satisfied with the answers I received. About 5 years ago. I stopped. I stopped looking for reasons and answers. It didn't change what had already happened or not happened and in searching for reason, it left me exhausted. I still have goals, dreams, etc. but maybe my line of work has helped me truly take a day at a time. I won't say I'm more content all of the time. I'm not. I just don't obsess anymore, though. I went to a funeral one time where the person giving the eulogy told the story about the dash of our lives. Like me---born 1965-???? Corny but it made sense that it wasn't the beginning or end that mattered but the dash. We search for "reasons" for being instead of just being. How can you experience life if you are always wondering "why"?

I think that all the time....

When I look back at times where I was so disappointed by something that didn't happen for me, it all adds up.

Funny enough too. Whenever I think things are getting bad...a little blessing pops up and makes everything right. That's why everyday I am thankful for what's gonna happen next.

Thank you for posting that, whenever I get down about something that happens, I like to refer to things like what you posted and remember that everything happens for a reason.

some things do happen for a reason i guess but even if they dont i try to look on the bright side or create a bright side

All your 'why' questions can be answered as predetermined choices (aka fate) Many of us look at the credibility of these things and we question why certain things happen. One of the reasons we never reach a concrete answer is because fate is not tangible; fate is an outline of all the choices and situations that will occur in our life; thus, we cannot fathom or realize why things happen because we simply can't predict the future or what will come out of making this choice vs that choice. We make certain choices, as well, situations happen around us because, in the future, it will lead to other choices and situations. It's a laid out track, we're just walking through it - going through the obstacles and bounds to reach the end - death.

Shelley I think that quote is pretty true - there probably is a reason for everything that happens. Maybe my bf getting hit by a car will make us appreciate each other more, and be more vocal about our feelings every single day. Maybe it will be the catalyst for something else - I'm not sure, but there are heaps of possibilities - This event might change our lives in ways that we dont even know yet.

I think that next time something bad happens I will definately think that it might result in something possitive - We dont have to look for what that outcome is or might be, but instead have faith that there IS something better to look forward to

i totally believe this quote. i don't believe in coincedence! everything in your life happens for a reason. i think of life like a dance and only God knows the choreography!


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