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Dec 9, 2006
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When most women are having a bad hair day they just slap that unruly mop into a bun. It's a big problem with a simple solution, so why not? Here is the thing ladies: we are all hip to your game and it's getting old. Add a little pizazz to your tired old bun with a little ribbon magic.

As seen on the Derek Lam Fall runway show, updating a simple bun is really simple. The Derek Lam models paraded their tightly pulled back locks and looked fiercely chic while doing so. To achieve the look at home simply wet your hair with water or a mouse (nothing that will make your hair go crunch please) and pull it back in a secure bun. Once your hair is in place, get a long piece of ribbon (like, really long) to wrap around your skull.
Choose your ribbon wisely. Anything too silky will slip and not stay in place -- I would go for a nice velveteen ribbon or a nice cotton ribbon. Once you have your ribbon, begin at the top and start wrapping. Get creative with it. Keep them close together near your forehead or spread them out across the top of your head. Tie the ribbon off in the back or secure with a few bobby pins.
See that was simple and now no one will know you are having a bad hair day. Oh and be prepared to be mimicked ... everyone is going to want this look.
~Now, while i know this is not everyone's style and not everybody would do this when having a bad hair day, if you don't want to wear the typical and sometimes boring pony tail, this might be a good idea if you dont want to look like you just got out of bed and went directly from there to work or to the grocery store or to visit a friend, the party or whatever, it will keep your hair in place and it will give you a neat-clean stylish, and why not classy look.~
It looks like hair bondage.....but if i had hair long enough Id prolly wear it!


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