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Feb 16, 2007
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Tampa Bay Area, FL
Well for the past few months I've been on a no buy from MAC because I was waiting to get my Pro card and... its finally here! Geez, I was going crazy with all of the new collections coming out!! I haven't bought anything from MAC since Moonbathe came out!! Last week for my birthday I was able to get a few things from the pro store but I ordered all this before I went to the store...

I got...

Eye Shadow: Paradisco

Pro Pan Eye Shadow: Digit

Pro Pan Eye Shadow: Mylar

Pro Pan Eye Shadow: Saddle

Pro Pan Eye Shadow: Pink Freeze

Pro Pan Eye Shadow: Aquadisiac

Pro Pan Eye Shadow: Gleam

Pro Pan Eye Shadow: Naked Lunch

Pro Brush # 187

Pigment: Naked

MSF Northern Light

MSF Gold Spill

MSF Global Glow

Paint Pot: Bare Study

Paint Pot: Moss Scape

Paint Pot: Indianwood

Moonbathe Blush: Other Worldly

Mineralized Eye Shadow: By Jupiter

Mineralized Eye Shadow: Tectonic

Mineralized Eye Shadow: Ether

Mineralized Eye Shadow: Mercurial

Mineralized Eye Shadow: Lovestone

Mineralized Eye Shadow: Quarry

3D Lip Glass: In 3D

3D Lip Glass: Synched Up

3D Lip Glass: Energy

3D Lip Glass: Algorithm

3D Lip Glass: Touchpoint

3D Lip Glass: Lightswitch

3D Lip Glass: Backlit

And of course, my cat Nibbles had to jump in the box!

I just ordered some stuff from Smoke Signals I'll post pics when I get it!

Aww...I love your kitty! Mine loves boxes, too!

That is an insane haul, girl! I WISH I could afford that much MAC at the moment. lol. It looks great, though! Enjoy!

adorable cat, i love that picture! awesome haul! you desevrve it all, i'm so glad you got your card for right around your b-day!


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