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Aug 29, 2012
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Hey everyone, so 2nd raining season  (which can last 2 days or a month of continous rain) for Kenya has started and its pouring with buckets, the sky its just one sad shade of grey and super cold.

 That's the view from my bedroom window and as you can see everything is soacked.

 I had no idea what to do, for me this weather can be depresing, what do you guys usually do during this type of weather.

I love rain, I find it really peaceful but I am sure I am one of the few. I love to get a nice cozy drink, curl up in a nice blanket and do some reading or drawing. Of course you can always come to MuT and completely forget about the weather!

Some sunshine for you!

Yeah, I live where it hardly ever rains! But when it has, I love it. The sound of the drops on the roof and even with some thunder or lightning, just makes me wanna get a blanket and cuddle up - and watch a movie or something on TV! :)

I used to live where it rained a lot (which I'm actually going back now) and it did get depressing day after day of rain. Everything just looks so wet that it can't get any wetter!


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