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Aug 31, 2007
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Hi, I'm a middle aged mother of two grownup chic and elegant daughters. I've helped them to become all they can be; now I want to help myself. My childhood family was against "cosmetics", "selfishness" and "vanity". After a lifetime of self denial I am 100% in favor of some selfish vanity!

My husband of thirty years is accepting of all I do. That's a pretty remarkable statement.
I get depressed and am a clutter collector, too. I have amassed a great deal of drugstore makeup but I don't use it. I know he would be happy to see me decorated. Hopefully I can get inspired and motivated to start the makeup habit. (Nail polish, too.)

With love,


Hi Ruthie and welcome! Nail polish and maybe some lip gloss are a good start to wearing makeup! Don't let your collection of makeup become rancid!! Do you and have fun!

hi ruthie! welcome and i hope you find everything youre looking for

It is so nice to meet you! Start cracking and open some of your drug store goodies!


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