I'v got my package!!!

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Oct 21, 2007
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Im waiting for more 6 packages.

OK. I,v got my full size Cory foundations and concealer and more samples.

its a great foundaion. I'v never tried a great foundation like Cory!

its smoothing my skin, and my face looks great!!!

Im waiting for:

Ocean concealer - I order med concealer and dark concealer.

sweety- she told me that she will send me a full coverage foundations.

Buff'd -samlpes and I can't wait!!!

Taylormad- samples.

EDM -intensive dark foundations samples. I want that it will be my concealers.

MEOW- samples. can't wait!!!

COASTAL- brushes!

how exciting! I love getting packages in the mail. My mum always sends me a text message when they've arrived so I know the MINUTE they turn up on the doorstep and get to look forward to them all day, lol.

(her idea, not mine, but I really like it, lol)

Wow, Sim! That's exciting! Hope you get them real soon!

Wow, that is going to be a nice haul.

Let us know how you like everything


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