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Jun 17, 2004
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i got this recently, and im almost done with my tub. it smells *so* delicious. i thought id post about it because i know some people dont like scrubs because theyre so greasy. the first ingredient in this one is polysorbate 80 (sounds gross/scary, but its a detergent/food additive.) it makes for a scrub that feels like glycerine and is slippery, but doesnt leave you oily or grease up the tub or shower.

it could have a bit more sugar particles, but the ratio is good overall. it takes a while for the sugar to dissolve while scrubbing, so its pretty effective. the scent lingers for a few minutes on the skin.

i tried out some more of their products, and they are sooooooo much better now that theyve revamped and added new products.

i absolutely have to have the chocolat sinfully rich body butter. ive been on the hunt for a choc lotion, and this one smells really really good. i could go on forever about how tasty it is. the scent is amazingly strong. i put it on my hands are forearms, and i could still smell it the next morning. it would be perfect to wear in the place of a fragrance if you cant find the right choc perfume.

the peach parfait buter smells *exactly* like fresh peaches. i dont even care for peaches and i want it. lol. the lemon meringue smells pretty much like the last version, but its still worth checking out if you want a nice foody lemon scent. the butter cream frosting is very true to its name. i didnt like the marshmallow cocoa as much as the plain chocolat, because the marshmallow scent was a bit off. it reminded me of MMU marshmallow, which had an odd plasticky scent to it. theyre 20 USD.


another one for my xmas list is the soothing vanilla latte hydrating shower syrup. it smells a bit caramel-y and exactly like fresh brewed coffee. its 16 USD.


jaquas new scents are to die for!


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