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Jun 11, 2005
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YAY Jenna!! I don't know if she has put on a little weight or if she just looks good here...but I am happy. She could still stand to gain about 10-15 more, but overall the dress and heels looks great. Her face looks a little softer than it has for the last few months and I am glad to see her hair long again. Sooo Hot Jenna!
She looks really good I like the outfit, and she looks better with the longer hair, more sexy

Looks like her lips have deflated a bit (hated her puffy lips) and the long hair definitely looks much better on her.

Much better, with a little flesh on her face her lips do not look so duck like.

Hot! I agree, she looks better with mroe weight on, she was looking sickly!

wow she looks a whole lot better than she is normally looking.

i just cant wait till she looks like her reg. self though.


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