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Jun 11, 2005
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Jennifer is undeniably gorgeous, tall and in great shape. WHY does she wear ugly clothes? One moment I am praising her choice and the next I am shaking my head in shame. This dress looks too tight and too short. Soo not hot.
She is so pretty, i loved her in blood diamond.

But what is up with the holes in the middle of this dress, it's too short, the bulky shoes. It just all look unflattering.

haha wtf is that? it looks like she bought it out of a really cheap bargain bin - because it's got holes in it that it's not supposed to have

the weird thing is that the holes arent even the same size so it doesn't even look intentional.

oh that loosk gross!!!

oh ive been told i looke like a young version of her, by alot of ppl lol. hmm i dunno tho!!!

and she usually is gorgeous!!!

looks like she made it herself for a movie about a pioneer woman... lol

ol...aww, she looks cant even describe it. at least her hair is decent. I think she was going for a greek look but ..some how got a little confused.

She confuses me. She's never consistent. I do like her though. I saw a pic of her recently and her legs looked more muscular and larger. She looked so good. Then a few weeks later I saw another pic and her legs looked as scrawny as usual. She looks better with a little meat on her.


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