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May 10, 2007
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Jenny from the block is really heating up things in this Dior leopard print one shoulder piece. I must say that I like this one on her. I love the shoes too. She is lookin fierce! I like.

i wonder what her stylist did to make her hair look that way

everything looks good in this pic

I would wear it especially if the sleeve wasnt so boofy?? she looks great!

She looks so good in off-the-shoulder styles. I love the leopard print, too.

What ever she has on she looks great. Having said that I dont like the dress much.

She always looks gorgeous but I'm not really liking the dress that much, looks a bit like an oversized scarf she's wrapped around herself! Having said that, it looks like a comfy dress so that's a plus.

I'm a huge fan of her makeup style, in this picture she looks pretty as usual.


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