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Nov 6, 2005
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As you all know - I work for the After School Program and currently teaching a class full of 25 4th graders. Boo.

Since we're lacking on actual game boards - I created Jeopardy using index cards and I need help making categories with questions with answers.

We're starting our first round tomorrow.

The object is that these kids learn something while having fun and winning some prizes along the way.

For those not aware of Jeopardy, it's a game with trivial questions you have to answer correctly. The point system is ranged from 100 to 500 (in my version)... the more points it cost, the difficult the question becomes. There are random bonus points listed in different categories.

So far I have these set up:

Math - Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication.

Entertainment/Fun - TV, Food & Animals

English - Spelling (I need two more subjects under this)

And I'm lost on what the last Category should be and adding 3 subjects with questions.

Bah, I knew not to be lazy this weekend... help, please!

Iwould have left entertainment as just TV and maybe movies and added Animals and Food as separate catagories...

Originally Posted by Karren_Hutton /img/forum/go_quote.gif Iwould have left entertainment as just TV and maybe movies and added Animals and Food as separate catagories...
For English you could do grammar and punctuation.

Another subject could be Science.. or geography.

Yeah, but it needs to be specified like - "the solar system" under Science.

You know any for punctuation?

Many gracias!

For punctuation, it would be something dealing with the proper placement of a comma, colons versus semi-colons.

How about a Hodge Podge category or something, which entails various aspects of PE, Art, and other elective classes?

solar system, plants, and hhmm.. idk

geography might be easier... like in what state is the grand canyon in? etc.

for punctuation...

Maybe stuff like what type of punctuation would you use to make a statement. Or you can read a statement, and by the tone of your voice they have to give you the answer of what punctuation would be used.

You can do nouns or verbs and give a sentence and they have to answer with the noun or verb in that sentence.

Do you know what they are learning in school? If they were doing adjectives in school... you can do something around that.

art maybe?

i know when i was younger in my school they would teach us about artists and paintings

if not indepth, only matching artists to their works

it was fun and is rather helpful now in not looking like an uncultured idiot

Oooo, I like the punctuation ones. Thanks Aquilah & Bella.

We played our first round today and it went really well.

under English: *Spelling, *Punctuation, and *Grammar(nouns, verbs, etc..)?

and maybe something like Culture.. with *US Geography, *World Geography, and *History

Or science: *the solar system, *nature and plants *animals or people?

What a cool idea though!! have fun with it


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