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May 10, 2007
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Jess has been poppin on the scene quite regular lately, new cd coming perhaps? She's seen her in a nice blue button down (see pic #2) dress in her infamous nude heels. I'm starting to wonder are those the only shoes she has... Her hair was better than I've seen it the last couple of times. I like the look she's going for though, what do you think?



I love it!! Very vintage looking dress and I can't stop drooling over those shoes...

You know what... .:rolling it around in my mind for a while:. ... I really like it! It's highly unusual, but it's still classy and ladylike. The color is not a regular one for her either, that's why I was thrown a bit.

I like it a lot, but I think it would be a lot better if the hem was a little shorter since she's so short.

I think she looks so pretty and very classy!!! Take notes Britney....lmao

i think its very classy, and those shoes! well if i had them i would be wearing them everywhere too! love it.

wow somthing not revealing her boobs im shocked! i dunno i think its almost too conservative. her hair looks amazing tho.

I think she looks really good! very sexy but not slutty. Classy. And the colour looks good on her


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