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Jun 11, 2005
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Here's Jessica out promoting her new film "Good Luck Chuck". It actually looks like she ran from inside a Hair Salon to feed the meter! That plastic cape is dreadful! I am sure she is just adorable with the white top and the jeans. But YUCK! That jacket!! Soo Not Hot.
grr I can't see the pic! think I know which one you mean though, and agree about the jacket. she is hot though!

Jessica is certainly losing ALOT of weight! and these clothes look like they're falling off of her. The plastic-looking jacket is not working for her to begin with and srry but she doesn't look hot in this one.

Originally Posted by Leza1121 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hi,
Well if nothing else, she has a great smile.

LOL! I like the "Say something nice" philosophy!
I think her makeup and hair look great!

i dont like her period cuz she SWEARS she's not latina like WTF?!!! but besides that i dont like her outfit either.

I would say hot but she needs to hem those pants and that jacket made out of a garbage bag would have been better if it was a different material

she's gorgeous but no that jacket is vile, it looks like a flippin bin liner!!