JI concealer covers tatts?

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Aug 25, 2006
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wasnt sure if this belongs here or in mmu talk but im wondering about the jane iredale concealer disappear, does it really work as well as it says

This camouflage cream is so packed with pigment that it will even cover black tattoos! Better yet, Disappear won't just cover breakouts but will also help them to disappear permanently.

Cover black tattoos? how true is this stuff

I'm not sure about Jane Iredale's makeup or their claims, but if you want something that can cover up tattoos, you might want to check out Cinema Secrets!

Check this out!

well, if you want truly opaque coverage [enough to cover tattoos!] you can always google up makeup for crossdressers/guys. they have makeup that provides good coverage so that guys who wear makeup can hide their facial hair stub thingys.


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