JLO on the set of her new video: Hot or Soo Not?

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Jun 11, 2005
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Will JLO make a comeback and escape the evil grasps of her Zombie husband? I sure hope so. I love the first pic, she looks gorgeous.. The other pics, the makeup is fierce but the hair is not my thing. I still think she is HOT though.
Go on Ms. JLo, do your thang baby! I may not like everything she does style-wise, but she sure does rock the hell out of everything!

I love the first pic too...I think what ruins it for the other pics are those little curvy thingies on her forehead...other than that, I like the hair and makeup. She's freakkin hot!

I did notice she hasn't been doing much lately except for that new movie with her hubby. I hope she does make a comeback...and I hope it's an independent thing, not another collabo with Marc. He needs to let her do her thing!!!!!

She looks good in the first pic, i agree about the hair in the rest of the pics, not hot at all :/

Has she gained weight? her arms look good still but not as skinny and defined as they did some time ago.

I think she looks hot but I agree about the hair. I like her hair down and loose. It looks better.

She's awesome, and she looks hot!

Except i don't like how they did her baby hairs like little curly horn things..

She should make babies now damnit... I wanna see her being a Mommy for some reason.

The second picture - the hair reminds me of a bull. Other than that, cool.

absolutley hotski! however those hair things are a little too weird....why are they there? lol loving the belt!