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Jan 4, 2007
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well, as I'm sure most of you know from my consistent whinging on this issue for many months, I am looking for a job. What I realised today as I was filling out applications, is that many of the jobs I wanted (which are about 1 step up from my current job - slightly more pay, slightly more responsibility, all things I'm sure I can handle) I was too intimidated to apply for.

Like what a foolish thing to worry about - who cares what they think of my application. if they don't like it, they wont call me. Who cares? so today I made an effort to apply for lots of jobs that look like what I want. If they laugh at my cover letter, if they can't believe someone with my experience or whatever wants that job - who cares? they might give me the job!

have you ever felt intimidated by a job application or interview process, even though you knew you were perfectly capable of doing the job? how did you deal with those feelings?

Job hunting is hard, but it's worth the effort once you've found a job that you like.

Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll get a great job soon!

Just put your best foot forward and apply for any job you think you would like. Many employers just want to see someone who can think and communicate well.

you need to think positive......if you think you are not qualified for the job the lack of confidence will come across in an interview. and if they look at your resume and think you are not right for the job.....who cares!!!! you'll never move ahead if you don't try....who's to say you aren't the most qualified person to apply??!! be brave and proud of your skills and I guarantee there will always be someone with less skills who applied. don't think for a minute many people have got where they are without taking a chance. if you use just the right words in your resume your skills will appear enhanced without lying.......(do you know what I mean by this?)

for sure confidence goes a long way!!! good luck hun!

im in exactly the same position, the place im working is closing down in march, so ive taken this as a step for me to get my career into gear. which is to become a veterinary nurse. so i have to apply to become a training nurse in a surgery first, and then once i have that job i can apply for the college course, to work along side it. yes its very intimidating and sometimes i think im not cut out for it. But i wont let my lack of confidence get in the way of my dream job!

At least you don't have a "big head" and won't make a fool of yourself like some people do in an interview. Good luck!!

Dee, I do know. I will definately remember what you've said if I get to interview stage. I hate interviews. You know after you've left they're going to talk about you! it's horrible! LOL

I'm just going to keep pegging away and apply until I get somewhere! (hopefully soon)

I felt intimidated when I applied for my current job actually. It was my first corporate position, and the department I was going to be going into had strict sales goals, so I wasn't sure if I had the skills to succeed. I just spent a lot of time with my resume, and once it looked good I got some good paper to print it on, and then I felt a lot better. I was sure that who ever would be looking at it would be able to tell that I spent a lot of time on it, even if I didn't get the job. Then I got my interview suit ready just in case, and I was called in to interview only a few days after turning my resume in. Congratulations on conquering your fear and I'm sure that taking that first step in turning in your resume/applications will pay off soon!

it's kinda hard on the ego to put 20 resumes out and hear nothing back.........but something will click somewhere

I understand the whole intimidation thing. I have been looking for jobs but am freaked out about the whole interviewing thing so I haven't applied anywhere. I just need to get over it and do it.

Good luck on your job hunt!

Job searching sucks!'s a necessary evil. I just send a ton of resume's and see what happens. Even if you apply for jobs that are out of your league, the more interviews you do, the better you get at them. Luckily, I haven't had to do it in awhile. never know. Good luck!! I'm sure the right job will come along, sometimes you just have to be patient.

Originally Posted by dentaldee /img/forum/go_quote.gif it's kinda hard on the ego to put 20 resumes out and hear nothing back.........but something will click somewhere yeah it is, i put put 26 cvs to places and only got one reply and thats where im working now
Good luck! There is a lot of good advice here. You could also go to the public library and look at some books on resumes and job hunting. There is also a lot of information on line.


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