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May 6, 2004
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Ok girls, if ye havent tried it yet.. ye gotta try JOHNSONS HOLIDAY SKIN. They've added some tanning lotion to their award winning body lotion and it is flying off the shelfs here in Ireland. Everybody is talking about it & i managed to track down a bottle of it at the weekend & i've used it twice. Its so good. Gives you a great tan without looking fake. Its the best thing EVER!

is this a self tanner or one that you use in a tanning bed?

Is this it? Don't think I've seen it yet in the Drug stores....
Is this only in Europe or do they have it here as well? If it's lotion with self tanner, then I'm guessing it's like Jergens Natural Glow (which I really love) and I think Oil of Olay makes one too.


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