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Jul 1, 2005
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does anyone use jojoba oil in their hair??? how do you like it, or what have you heard about it??

It is a good product to use if you have dry hair (usually AA or demaged), it is the next best thing to our natural scalp oil sebum.

You can heat it up and apply it to the ends, then wrap in saran wrap or a shower cap... and warm with a hair dryer... wash out and style as you normally would. You can also do the same with olive oil.... as long as you aren't drowning yourself in it, your skin should be ok

I just wanted to tell you all my good luck. Yesterday I impulsively decided I need jojoba oil for my hair, so I went to the local Vitamineshop and grabbed a 4 oz bottle for about 6 bucks (the lady said it's the same exact thing as desert essence/both pure jojoba oil). Anyways last night I slept with a tiny bit on my dry hair (a couple inches from my roots, down to my tips), and today I woke up and used a clarifying shampoo, usual conditioner, and the put a tiny bit of jojoba oil in soaking wet hair, and my hair is definitely a lot shinier , smoother, softer!!! I'm so excited. I swear you guys should try this, p.s. it's also cool for a cuticle softener!!!