Judge rules carpenter can work in the nude

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May 19, 2006
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Sept. 9, 2007, 3:55PM

Associated Press

OAKLAND, Calif. — A carpenter caught hammering nails and sawing wood in the nude has been found by a judge to be not guilty of indecent exposure.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Julie Conger ruled Thursday that although Percy Honniball, of Oakland, was naked, he was not acting lewdly or seeking sexual gratification.

Honniball, 51, was arrested last year after he was spotted building cabinets in the buff at a home where he had been hired to work.

The carpenter has said he likes to work in the nude because it's more comfortable and it helps him keep his clothes clean.

Honniball earned two years' probation in 2003 after being caught three times working naked in Berkeley, which prohibits public nudity. Oakland does not have a similar ban.

Judge rules carpenter can work in the nude | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

Anyone that would work with a drill or nail gun nude is a real risk taker! Can't you just imagine a slip up. OUCH!

Oh whatever! Ive never heard of a nudist construction company or contractor.

Gross. And I mean that in the professional sense. It's only a matter of time before word of mouth kills that contracting company, although they didn't mention if the man looked attractive or not while unclothed, so that might make a difference.

I dont think the average guy would want to work naked around power tools...

I don't get why he would be arrested in Oakland if they dont' have a ban on public nudity like was stated in the article.


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