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Juice Beauty is 25% off online at Ulta!

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Chic Geek
Jun 6, 2012
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I think this is online only. I had to buy the stem cellular moisturizer because it was even less than the F&F would have been and I was planning to buy it then.

Also, to sweeten the deal, they are giving a free deluxe stem cellular repair moisturizer sample free with a Juice Beauty skincare purchase. It would have been better had the full size not been what I was already buying, but at least I am all set for travel. Plus you get the free samples at checkout.

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I had no idea they sold Juice Beauty at Ulta. Sucks I missed this promotion. But that's good to know because there's one right near my house. I've been buying the blemish clearing serum from Dermstore. Tried to buy from Amazon and when it arrived, but it smelled rotten so I returned it.


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