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Nov 7, 2012
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The mystery box for december is now available. It will have 100 to 500 dollars worth of porducts. I just got mine.

I was trying to be good this month, but I caved about two seconds after I saw the FB post from Julep.  I really need more self control...  Wouldn't mind winning that ipod mini though

I ordered one. Thanks Grandma for the early Christmas money! 

I'm guessing the only box that's a $500 value will be the one with the iPad mini in it but I'm excited about the mystery glitter and the surprise factor :-D

I've never ordered a mystery box before, but I caved! I hope it's worth it! How long do they usually take before they start sending them out?

Oh, man, I did it. I don't care about the IPad Mini (I'm an android girl anyway) but GLITTER! and new years "glam" sounds super good to me! This is my first mystery box ever, so it had better be good, cause I probably won't buy another if it isn't!

good luck girls hope you get some nice stuff :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I would love to grab it, to give their mystery stuff a 3rd chance(?) cuz the other 2 I got were kinda meh... but I'm on a no-buy till next month :'(

i couldn't resist their "mystery" boxes! here's to hoping one of us gets the ipad mini!

I'm trying not to cave into the glitter was bad and caved to the glitter! But i'm telling myself that if I get the mystery box, then I need to skip January's box, which I haven't seen any teasers for yet.

Took BF's credit card and told him he bought me an early Christmas gift.. Yay for me!!!

Haha! I'd love the iPad mini but I'm equally as excited for new polishes and product. I love glitters so the mystery glitter has me VERY intrigued. That and at least $100 value should make for a great box no matter what! 

I caved as well! I was planning on skipping Jan anyway but this gives me more reason to skip.

I caved as well.

The chance for the Ipad mini was good for me because we just moved and there's no way I can afford to buy one of those. But I really really love their glitters and am super stoked to see what will be in the mystery box! Yay!

I gave in as well. I'm really hoping that I don't like the January colors or my fiancé might disown me. Haha


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