Julep Sunscreen from June 2012 Box

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Jun 5, 2012
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Who else has tried it? What are your thoughts?

I've only tried it once on my face since we haven't had much sun and I haven't been outside much, but the first time I put it on I was a little horrified at how greasy it made my skin look... at least in dim indoor lighting in my room. Then when I walked to the bathroom where we have great natural lighting, it didn't look so bad, but I wasn't sure. I also didn't see any of my girlfriends that day so I couldn't ask them if they thought my skin looks greasy. 

Overall, I'm a little bit bummed... I'm normally an It Girl because I'd rather have nail polish than the products, but I already have colors very similar to this month's It Girl colors and I knew I was probably going to need to buy a sunscreen for face soon anyway, so I switched to Boho Glam. But if the sunscreen's a dud, I'm not sure if I still feel like it was still worth it since I'm not loving how Daisy looks on me, so then Robin is the only thing I'm loving.


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