Julia Stiles....Yep or Nope?

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Jun 11, 2005
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Here's Julia at another premier for "Bourne to Dance: 5"....Just Kidding. I seriously think my Mom wore this to a BBQ circa 1992?? The cut of the dress is nice, classic even. But the print is beyond ugly.You've got flowers, some stripes, random colors....oh and the Giant Green Blobs of what appears to mold placed right over her boobs....

Ummm... I liked it alot. I own a dress similar in cut and style. I thought it looked dashing.

She kind of blends into the red carpet! lol. I don't know what to think about the dress, but she looks cute! lol.

Cute, other than those stripes... her hair looks straggly and i wonder what type of shoes she wore...hmm?

I actually like it... Maybe the print could be different, or just a solid color, but I like the dress.

the dress is nice...just not on her

it clashes with her complexion...makes her look more pale

i think an olive-skinned person with dark hair or someone of a darker complexion w/darker hair would pull it off better


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