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Just got dumped :(

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Feb 22, 2007
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So i just got dumped by my bf of two years we were in a long distant relationship
...and he said that he just got tired of our situation and couldnt do it anymore...and that every visit we had was just a tease of something he couldnt have..and he doesn't want to wait years and years to finally be with me...and he feels like this is for the best and that we were so stuck on eachother that we held eachother back...he's also in a band that just recently got back together and he said that all he wants is to focus on that
. He also wants to still talk to me...this is really hard to deal with because hes been through a lot with me and for the past two years all i've known is him he was my bestfriend and now we are going through the process of sending eachother our stuff back (he got me a promise ring and he doesn't want me to send it back to him) but i dont want to keep it. So im trying to stay positive but like any other girl thats been dumped it sucks and its hard and its really damn lonely.