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Just want some encouragement really :(

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Jan 4, 2007
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well, I just feel a bit tired and stuck.

I want a new job. My current job is not offering me enough shifts, and to be perfectly honest, I dont want to ask for any more because I've just about had enough of that job - I've almost been working there for 3 years and I would really like a change.

I've been looking on the job website, SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site - I've applied for about 15 jobs, and almost all of them have not even bothered to reply, although it's obvious I havent got the job.

The thing is, I have retail experience, I have reception experience, but I'm really not suitable for administration or personal assistant jobs since that's not my area.

I'm not prepared to settle for less money that I'm recieving now unless the job sounds really good, but I havent even got that far - I havent been asked to go to any interviews, and the same jobs keep coming up over and over again.

I just feel like I'm getting nowhere
I'm a good employee, all I want is a secretarial style job that is looking for someone to work 9-5 3 odd days a week!

why is this so hard? and has anyone got any suggestions on what I can do? I'm pretty sure i need to change my approach but I cant think of what else to do!