Kanye West Continues to Bash MTV

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Jan 3, 2006
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Kanye West continued to bash MTV on Friday, saying the network used Britney Spears to get higher ratings for Sunday's Video Music Awards.

"I just felt like she wasn't ready and I felt like they had to get their ratings. ... It just shows you it's not a black and white thing; it's a money thing," the rapper said on Ellen Friday. "I felt bad for her too. I felt bad for everyone involved."

He said the network should have stopped Spears after watching her in rehearsal. "Someone had to be at that practice and be like, 'Wow. This is not good.' All the lip-syncing and everything," West, 30, added. "I mean, that performance, had it been pulled off perfectly, still wouldn't have been up to par to start off the MTV Awards."

Selling a reported 420,000 records the day his album "Graduation" was released, West seems on track to be the victor in his battle to out-perform fellow rapper 50 Cent on the charts. But West's battle with MTV continues.

"[MTV] didn't give me the opportunity to rock the way I wanted to rock," he told DeGeneres, calling his five VMA nominations but no wins a "slap in the face."

"I told the guy at MTV, 'There's only a couple things important in music this year: Umbrella, Amy Winehouse,' " he said. "it's not just about me. Britney Spears is not important in music, but she's important to the tabloids and stuff like that."

A self-professed "fan of award shows," West also confirmed that he will be at the Emmy's Sunday night. "I'm making an appearance, but it's not a full performance."



Kanye be smoking too much of the, "I gotta voice my opinion even tho majority of them are shit" drug.

He has a point where I believe MTV did use Britney to get higher ratings...

I'm sure most people were expecting a train wreck out of her and they got it and MTV got a huge rating boost in return. That network is sinking so low that a few hit shows here and there are the only thing keeping it afloat. I dunno, I keep my TV usually on VH1.

But yeah, Kanye is butt hurt because he thinks his music is some sort of God's gift to all of us and deserves some sort of accolade. Someone go to Dollar Tree and get him those ribbons saying, "you're #1" so he can hush.


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