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Mar 12, 2012
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What's up makeup talk my name is Kat a.k.a the Don of makeupmafia Boston. I'm also on the creative team of Curvmetrix Dry Hair Cutting system. I work, live, breath& love my industry, and all it entails, the good, bad,& Katty¿ Lol I'm loved for my ability to uplift & encourage my clients at the stroke of a brush. I'm also known for being so glamorus i sweat glitter!WARNING SWEATING GLITTER IS CONTAGOUS! IT CAN BE SPRED TO YOUR PARTNER SO USE APROPRIATE CONTRASEPTIVE! SWEATING GLITTER IS THE LEADING CUASE OF SEXYNESS IN WOMEN OVER 25 CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN IF SYMTOMS CONTINUE! Yes I made this up (well 75% of it,lol) (25% was told to me by the guy who pumps my gas) anyways in here to spread knowledge and to give back to the industry that's given my a great life. Peace love and always ~*~*GlIttEr~*~* -Kat a.k.a the don't of makeupmafia Boston:p

Feb 27, 2007
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