Katie Holmes's Prize: A Marathon Kiss from Tom

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Feb 12, 2005
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While fans along the 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon path found it hard to spot her, one keen observer on the sidelines knew exactly what runner he was kissing on Sunday morning. Her number: F127.

And her name: Katie Holmes, wearing a dark FDNY baseball cap and purple tank top.

She got a quick, wet one from husband Tom Cruise as she entered the final stretch to the finish line in Central Park.

And Tom wasn't alone for the brief encounter with his running wife. In his arms was the couple's daughter, Suri.

Tom and Suri, as well as his mother and Holmes's parents, were all at the finish line to great the runner, who seemed anything but exhausted, despite the strenuous day she had just endured.

Right after that first kiss, Holmes still had a way to go after Tom caught up her at 1st Avenue and 96th Street, about 20 blocks from the Cruise's Upper East Side hotel. A path over to and down Manhattan's West Side was still before her.

She made it to the bitter end around 3:30.

Before her arrival, inside the banquet tent set up in Central Park – and with his daughter at his side – Cruise told PEOPLE that he finds Holmes "very inspired. She trained for three months."

At that point, any other observations about his wife were interrupted by Suri, whom Cruise had to start chasing around the tent. Noted the famous father: "She's a runner!"

good for her!!! I too think they're a cute family but so were the Munsters...lol


As much as i like ragging on them..Gotta admit, their family pictures make you wanna sing Christmas carols. So cute.

awww, suri is a cutie. I agree that they are a cute family even if they are extremely bizare

Yeah, I read she registered under a different name to avoid too much attention, but her real name was used in the results. She said she did it to help lose the weight from having Suri... I'm sorry... What weight?!


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