Katie! You look decent for once!

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Feb 22, 2006
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Katie actually looks decent! I like the outfit. Suri's her normal cutie-pie self too!


You couldn't tell Katie looked so nice earlier, and the shoe change was apparently needed...



Love the title of this thread
Almost as good as "Dear Mischa Barton, Why do you always look so bad??"

I hate to see nice shoes being abused, so I'm glad she changed them! You're right, she does look good for once!

She does look good. She looks so happy with Suri! I love when I see parents all ecstatic to be with their kids...even though I am sure they can be asses 50% of the time =P

She looks good, i dont love the dress, but the shoes i LOVE in both pictures, she twisted her ankle in the last picture though lol ..ouch.

Suri is so cute, a very good mix of her and Tom.

Originally Posted by adrianavanessa /img/forum/go_quote.gif She looks like she is about to fall in the 3rd pic. I know, it looks like she twisted her ankle in that pic.
Oh goodness, I hope Katie's ankle is okay. In the last picture, I saw the way her foot was rolling over in those heels...

I agree. She does look like a well-dress coture mommy! And of course Suri is a doll!

ugg i wouldnt be caught dead in the second pair of shoes, they're HORRIBLEEEE, the first ones looked sooo much better