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Jan 3, 2006
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Alright, an update for those of you who were following the little drama involving my landlord threatening to evict us.

Two days ago he told us that we had 2 days to "get rid" of our dogs or we would be evicted. He said this would happen before October 1st.

We spent the past 2 days frantic and in a panic, trying to find a home for Flora and a pet-sitter for Odin.

Today, our landlord, or as I like to call him, AssMuncher, knocked on our door. My husband went to talk to him. I was sitting here at my computer and all I could hear was screaming and yelling. When I went down he was walking away from my husband. I tried to ask some more questions and begged him to stay so we could discuss it further. He kept hightailing it to his truck.

Well, first of all, talk about unprofessional or WHAT?

Second, I freaked out. Seriously. Called my mom, she basically said she couldn't help us. That was pretty much our only option so wtf do we do?

We started calling rental dealerships thinking we could rent a car, get a friend to drive, stick the dogs in it and go to Toronto ASAP. Turns out that would be insanely expensive

So then we hit a wall and I started to freak out even more.

So I'm bawling my eyes out here, and with all this going on I had no idea how often I could be on MUT. Already I've been neglecting my duties because of this mess! So I msged Aquilah on MSN to tell her (and I quote) "you can tell T to move me to regular mod, but if he de-mods me i'll have to go to California and rip his balls out".

I also msged Aprill to let her know that I wouldn't be around much. Both Aprill and Aquilah, being the awesome people that they are, suggested we look into whether or not this bs was legal. My husband got out our lease and looked it over. It said 3 months. Then we called Legal Aid and we were told that since we got Flora without clearing it with the owners it was considered breach of agreement and he only had to give us 1 month.

Still, a month is better than two weeks.

Anyway, we haven't gotten the written eviction yet, but I feel a bit better. If you see me around less and less it's because I'm dealing with this stuff. I'll try to keep you guys updated, and if I can't I'll keep Aquilah or Aprill updated so they can keep you guys up to date!

Wow. Im sorry your going through all that Kee. He sounds like hes a real prick. Hopefully things will work out. Just try and keep your head up.
We're here for you.

Oh hell yeah that´s illegal!! He can´t just throw you guys out of the apartment like that. One month is better than nothing and hopefully you can find some sort of solution.

I wish you the best..and...leave Tony´s balls alone lol, trust me, you´ll never be de-mod-ed or else someone is in trouble with ME

Here´s a good-luck sheep for ya

I hope things get better Kee! One month is definitely much better notice than 2 days or a week or whatnot. We're here for you sweetie, and there'll be no "de-modding" from what I can tell!

A month is definitely better than a couple of weeks. I really hope you get some place soon.

James and I got evicted last year when the landlord turned up and told us he was selling the house. We could stay if we could raise £90000 to buy the house. We found something better and got moved within a few weeks.

Yeah, everything will be ok, keep your head up, be patient, and say a prayer, I said one for you and I hope this all sorts out, at least you have 30 days, rather than 24 hours, like some places here. We have all had some kind of bad experience with being kicked out of a place before, just try to stay positive and devise a plan. You can do it!!! Make sure to keep me updated

Aww...Kee! That sucks that your landlord is being so mean!!! At least you've got a month, now! I really hope you can find someone to take care of your dogs for you!!!

Kee, sorry I haven't been around to read all the posts.

Are you still moving to TO? If so, when will that occur?

Are you getting evicted in one month regardless if you can get you pets into another safe location? Or can you continue to stay there if the dogs have new homes?

Did you landlord put the eviction in writing? Might make a difference in a court of law.

Regardless, I hope things work out for you and the dogs.

Well, when the landlord was basically running away to his truck I asked "Wait, can't you stay and discuss this further? How long do we have? Don't you have to give us a notice in writing for it to be legal" and he just laughed at me and said "Oh don't worry about that you'll get your notice."

So um, yea, not very professional!

We were planning on having someone adopt Flora and pet sit Odin *anyway* because we were moving to Toronto next month . . . but he really did us wrong by misleading us like that, letting us believe we would be out on the streets any day. I mean, I'm not the kind of person who would do that, but can you imagine if I would have had to put my dogs asleep because of this? I called every shelter I could and none would take Flora, let alone Odin too! Speaking of which, I nearly killed my friend over the internet for even *suggesting* I put my dogs down because of this.
Who the heck does that? Ugh!

Anyway, I will be sure to keep you updated or keep someone else updated so they can update you. We still haven't gotten a written notice yet, but when we do I'll make sure you guys know how long we have!


That really blows, I don't know about Canadian provincial laws, but it seems more likely that the landlord is supposed to give you a full 30 days, no punches pulled. Two weeks is a bit extreme. You may want to take a trip to the courthouse to get a full court order to have a stay of 30 days, or whatever the equivalent is there. Do this before the apartment owner files an unlawful detainer (or Canadian equivalent), otherwise it's going to be a real pricky situation.

My family (and more recently, myself) have been in the business of owning and managing rental properties for years. I know USA and Canada may be slightly different judicially, but I believe they are similar enough to know that two weeks is not a standard lee-way and can be fought relatively quickly in court.

Originally Posted by MindySue /img/forum/go_quote.gif put them to sleep? thats so horrible!! I know! I was so offended that he even suggested it that I stopped the conversation right away and haven't spoken to him since!
That is pretty bad, all i have to say is that i wish you and your husband tons of luck, and that landlord is an asswipe, how dare he! he's the one that deserves his balls ripped out >.<

Putting your dogs to sleep is the stupidest idea someone ever suggested just cause you're getting evicted, like wtf with that person! no wonder why you sent THEM to sleep lol

Anywho girl, for whatever is worth, here's a hug,
i am really sorry that this is happening to you, your husband and your babies

Oh my god Kee. I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this, I am thinking of you so much and I just want to send you the biggest hug imaginable right now. You have a month, that's better than a couple of weeks....I would take you guys in and let us all party it up if I were up there.

What is this guy's problem anyway? Why does it bother him all of a sudden that you have dogs in the apartment, esp if you've already decided to move out in a month's (or so) time? You'd think the landlord would be decent enough to let you stay on and get extra time to give your dogs up for adoption before you go to Toronto. What a d*ck!

Kee, Your landlord is a big ****. A month is better but I'm sure still difficult. Send your dogs to me. I'll keep your babies. WHoever told you to put them down wasn't much of a friend knowing how upset you were already. Wishing you peace and a speedy resolution to this.

Kee, I'm so sorry you're going through this. Your landlord is definitely a big pile of s---. I haven't known you real long, but I am so thankful for the help you've given me. I'm starting to feel a bit better about my landlord now.


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