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Jun 11, 2005
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This is another scroll down dress. Rrom the top she looks great! Cute hair and makeup...the top of the dress looks good. Then you get to the bottom...WTF?? What are those satin straps hanging of the sides?? Why would anyone want to add volume and bulk to the hips of a dress? I just don't get it. White might have not been a good choice either. Kelly...Sooo Not Hot.
The bottom of the dress does not flatter her. It makes her look a lot broader.

Looks like a Holiday Inn towel wrapped around her... Someone probably stole her dress form the hotel?? lol


I love Kelly, but this isn't working for her. It makes her look chubby...ugly, ugly dress!

Goodness, I thought that dangly satin thing at her side was a purse at first. The ivory color looks great on her, and the fabric is nice too. I just don't know about the whole design. I do like the nude shoes though and the bangles.

without those satin things it could have been a cute summer dress.

Here is how she could have rocked in IMO: not satin or an evening material, instead some kind of cotton blend or cotton type material. Second, change the colour to something bright and fresh like yellow or turquoise or even pink.

Third, more summery shoes. If she's at the kid's choice awards then she should look younger. This dress and those shoes age her, not to mention make her look much fatter than she really is.

Not hot

Originally Posted by michal_cohen /img/forum/go_quote.gif omg she should cover her legs What's wrong with her legs? Is it because she is acutally a normal size, and not anorexic that she should cover them? I really hope that is not what you meant. I love that she has meat on her, and she looks fantastic in this picture.
She looks kind of blah here. I don't think this dress really works well for her body type.

She would look so much better if the dress was longer and didn't have that weirdness going on.


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