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Nov 6, 2005
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Anyone catch this show?

If you haven't, here are full episodes online:

Kid Nation on CBS

Kid Nation is a reality television show that began airing on the CBS network on September 19, 2007, filling the Wednesday 8:00 p.m. ET time slot of the serial drama Jericho. The show, featuring forty children aged 8 to 15, was shot at the Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch, a privately owned town built on the ruins of Bonanza City, New Mexico, eight miles south of Santa Fe.[1], with production beginning on April 1, 2007.[2] In the show, the children try to create a functioning society in the town, including setting up a government system, with minimal adult help and supervision.[3][4] The program was originally scheduled to air in the summer of 2007. The show is hosted by Jonathan Karsh[5].The show stresses the difficulty in creating a viable society. At the end of each episode, an appointed council of kids awards the "Gold Star," worth $20,000, to a fellow participant. Participants were paid $5,000 for their involvement in the show's taping.

I just catched the 2nd episode and fell in love with the show.I'm excited to see how it progresses and how everything will end up at the end.

May 13, 2005
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i caught this last night. it was very entertaining. the kids are very bright and it's interesting to see their problem solving techniques. i like this little show!

Feb 26, 2006
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Taylor is really cute, but homegirl needs to get her act together.


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