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Jun 13, 2007
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Weird question. But what do you use to stay regular. Do you use fiber powders, supplements, ect. Got a very very slow metabolism and if anyone has any ideas or solutions I would really appriciate it. Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about so your bowels won't get backed up? If so, I don't take anything, I am a pooping machine!


Check the Health/Fitness forum on this website. Hopefully you'll find some answers there. Good luck.

There is this great tea called Smooth Moves. You get it in your diet and health section of the market. It tastes good and keeps you regular.

Thanks guys! The duco-lax and smooth move, how often do you take it and is it safe to take long term? I have always been irregular and need to find something that really works.Please keep the replys coming and tell me what works for you.

I eat what ever I want it it comes out the next day like clock work.... and if it's a little slow a good half hour walk always helps move things along... lol aka Morning Constitution......

To keep regular, drink plenty of water. If a person is chronically dehydrated, things won't move quite right.

Also, for many people, the mucous formed to digest dairy can cause a slowdown, and when you finally do go, it can be impacted a bit because the mucous has "glued" separate stools together. I would recommend cutting back on it or removing it from your diet altogether if you can.

I cut out dairy completely, and it's been nothing but smooth sailing for a few years now. I never need harsh stimulants and laxatives because my system will self-correct within 24 hours and even compensate for the "sessions" I've missed. In fact, I even like pooping. It's the only time during the day where I have exactly 45 seconds to stop, sit down and reflect about life, it's very refreshing. Sometimes, it even feels better to go twice a day if you need to, but being busy all the time, it's hard to think about doing the #2 if you don't daily urges. Maybe, you could schedule "I'm gonna go drop some at 9 AM" in your daily planner. The human body does naturally adapt very well to a consistent schedule.

Karren hutton- what do you mean, morning constitution? Does that mean you go regularly with out anything? Sorry if its a dumb question but my body holds on to everything and it takes along time for things to move. I don't know how to make myself go, I guess if I don't feel the urge to go then I don't go. I would like to go atleast one or twice a day, instead of one or twice a week. I feel like my body is storing alot.

Have your bowels always been sluggish? Perhaps you should contact a doctor. If the doctor tells you it is ok to go once a week find another doctor. Inquire in your health food store for the name of a good naturopath. You should be going daily. Increase your natural fiber by eating plenty of fruits and green leafy vegs. Also increase your water intake a lot. Finally, get regular daily exercise.

I would not advise taking a laxitive on a longterm basis. Your bowel muscles quickly become dependent on it and then they don't work properly. You already have this problem. A stool softener like Colace is different because it works by adding water to the stool. It is probably ok to use that a bit longer. However, I would check with a doctor first.

I would recommend a plain stool softener to start. Colace or it's generic, Docusate Sodium can be bought over the counter. It's very safe and has no laxatives in it. You still shouldn't use on a long term basis unless it is absolutely necessary which for some people it is. Also Nox's advice about drinking plenty of water is something you should incorporate into your daily intake. If you need a quicker fix try a vegetable laxative. Not as harsh and less likely to cause cramping. Sometimes If I drink a cup of hot coffee it helps and there is always warm prune juice...which will never touch my lips.....but some people like it. You should go on a regular basis. But for some people regular is every 2 days or every 3 days. I tell my patients if it's the 3rd day and no result they need to get the bigger guns like Milk of Mag.

I have to give you my nurse disclaimer of course: If all else fails go see your Dr.


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