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Oct 6, 2003
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Anybody try Kiss Me Mascara? I've thought about trying it, but I'm not plopping down $25 bucks for mascara until I hear RAVE review from the "real" people who've used it, not the ladies trying to sell it to me!!

i have not tried it but u should try checkin the reviews... or if it is not there go to sephora and try it on. They should have a sample thing out. Thats wat i do when i want to buy mascara

Havent tried it but i remember hearing lots of good reports about it last year. Did you do a board search for it?

I have tried it, have it and it used to be my favorite. I think I need to try a different brush with it, cuz it seems maybe I just use too much at once. It is weird to get used to at first....but then you like it cuz it goes no where and then you only need warm water and light pressure to remove it. At first it look like your lashes are falling off in the sink, but they are actually the tubes that are formed around your eyelashes.

See with me, I like a lot of mascara and layers and layers and maybe because I try to put too much makes the others stick to gether......I'm gonna have to try a different brush and a different technique, cuz I do love it.....but it takes some getting used to.

Oh and it's gonna take you about 3 days to a week to see if you like it or not. Because at first it is kinda runny....then it thickens up after a few days. But again, I haven't mastered the application.....cuz I want more more more of it, but the more I put on the more my lashes stick together. I suppose I should get a lash comb or something to separate them or something. I know I should grab it out and work with it somemore.

I like it...It's a great mascara for a more natural look and for a bit of length, but if you're looking to make your lashes's not the best choice...It is very buildable though and I've never had a problem with clumping or anything...I've heard that people find it difficult to use, but I never had any problems.

I just wasn't patient enough to persist with this mascara, and I disliked it at once(didn't add any volume and barely any length, was clumpy and hard to apply, and I really hated the brush.) To be fair, my eyelashes are tiny, so anyone with a normal pair of them might find this mascara to be a LOT better than I did--I just need much more help than normal in this area!

I have this and honestly don't like it. It didn't lengthen or thicken my lashes at all.


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