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Nov 24, 2011
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Buffalo, NY
Back in Aoril I bought a discount voucher for Kissable Couture. Essentially it was enough to pay for a single lip gloss, not including shipping. I had a special party coming in May that I wanted a new gloss for, and figured six weeks was plentry of time. After a few weeks emails were exchanged, and shopping trips made because my party was coming and I had to look for a new gloss, and in the end I was told I would receive a substitute for the original order which by this point was out of stock, plus two more. I told them to surprise me and boy was I surprised--EIGHT tubes of Kissable Couture gloss were in my mail today! I wish I had more than just iPad access right now so I could get a picture in here, but I have to do this the old-fashioned way... Innocence, a bare, sparkly champagne beige. All the colors are shimmery but one! Dylan, pale pink frost Dreams, the lightest nude pink, the one without shimmer Glamour, a sparkly fuchsia First Lady, shimmery mocha Honesty, a rich peach Hyacinth, a medium to dark mauve with pink sparkle Tyler, a rich plum shimmer I was ready to tear these guys a new one--this makes up for it!


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