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KLUTCHclub? They gave me an offer to pass along $8 for more than $100 worth of stuff!

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Jan 28, 2013
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Does anyone subscribe to KLUTCHclub?  Right now they have a special Valentine's Day version of there Best of Box found by going here: http://www.klutchclub.com/best-of-box/  Hovering over Box at the top and clicking Best of Box.  It is guaranteed to have at least $100 of Health and fitness goodies inside.  It is $25 normally and then you get the normal monthly boxes at $18 a month and can cancel easily on the site anytime (code will not work as gift or on the subscriptions that do not start with the best of box). I am SO excited because after going to that link if you use the code BGM you can get the Vday box for only $8.  I don't know if I'll keep the subscription.... but how can I say no to over $100 of products for $8?  The details are also on my blog which is why they gave me the code and link... BUT I though I would share here too!  I think everyone should have the chance for this deal.  Code is good til Jan 30.

(Link removed, please read the Terms of Service.)

Thoughts on this company? past reviews look so great!


The box is great! I bought a 3 month back in August with a 50% off coupon, but didn't renew because it is a little pricey for me. I loved each box! I think you should go for it even if it's just for this one box. Those GOOD bars are so delicious! Thanks for the code! I'll def. be using it today. 

Thank you!  I just ordered.  I gave you credit in the "How did you hear about us?" section.


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