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Apr 20, 2004
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What is your take on knock-offs. I just had a conversation with some of my friends about it. I heard both sides of the story. I live in New York City, which has boot-leg everything. You can even get tiffany's jewelry now if you ask the right person. Lots of the bags and jewelry look identical but then I think "If I cant have the real thing, then dont bother"... wadda you guys think?????

My thoughts exactly. I would rather own a well-made, authentic item than a cheaply made rip-off. For example, the warranty for my Omega Constellation is honored by any licensed Omega dealer, unlike those internet "deals" where the watch can only be serviced by the seller. Gee, I wonder why that!

Hmm, im not so sure.. If i was broke and found a good quality knock-off i'd buy that til i could afford the real thing.. Im not really a fashion must have person anyway. Im not into all the Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada clothes..

It really depends on the item. Some are worth it. I've seen some very believable and cute knock-off purses and watches for example.

I am not above a good quality deal just so that I can say that I have an original. On the other hand, if the knock off is tacky, cheaply made, or otherwise not worth it, of course I'd go for the original.

To me it's not about brand as much as it is about quality and durability (and the reasonable aesthetics which attracted me in the first place). If you try too hard to be cool, then you really aren't ! LOL... Style comes with the person who makes it.



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