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Jul 9, 2005
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Has anyone try these sunscreens?I want to buy one for my body and I want high SPF between 30-60.I'm thinking buy one of those.Have you try them?Are they good?

La roche posay is one of the best sunsreen there is in protecting. I know that its good, but they have different ones, and you will have to try out what you like!

La roche posay have really good products. I especially love their Lipikar Baume its lotion that actually works! For me-it conditions my skin unlike any other. I learned about it through some one who uses it for their eczema...sp? Let us know if the sunscreen works out for you because I'd be interested in trying it; as I need sunscreen too.



I use them and I love them, they have best quality sunscreens.

best to buy them from europe cause they contain the most effective filters that are not approved in the US yet.


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