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Jun 7, 2012
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hi so i have a lot of hyperpigmentation scars from acne and i am looking to do a chemical peel but im not sure which one to do or which one is the best kind for my problem. i want to use it on my body aswell as my face because i also have a lot of hyperpig on my chest and back and on my neck. can u guys plz let me know which is the best peel and what consentration to start with. i know the consentration will be different for my face compared to my body so plz let me know the 2 consentrations i should start with. im a little scared of tca because i heard its strong and dificult to find your % plus i heard u cant dilute it with water so that mean i would have to buy two bottles a weak one for my face and a strong one for my body.

Hi, there!

I have a lot of hyper pigmentation as well, not just from acne. I would definitely recommend glycolic acid. But I also recommend that you start out by trying a face wash or toner that contains glycolic acid to make sure you're not allergic and to see how your skin reacts to it. I had a 30% glycolic peel a few months ago and I had a very bad reaction. As soon as it touched my face, my skin turned bright red and felt like it was on fire. You definitely don't want that to happen. Just do some research, or talk to your dermatologist. My mother works for a dermatologist and that's how I got the sample of the glycolic peel.

If you decide to try the peel, make sure you follow the instructions. Also start out with a low percentage like 20%. After that you can always increase the percentage, you just want to make sure not to go too high because it may be too much for your skin. My sample didn't have instructions so I just asked my dermatologist how to apply it. You could also google instructions or try youtube. You want to make sure your face is clean before you apply it. Use a Q-tip or cotton ball and get a small amount. coat your face with the acid and avoid getting it around your eyes, as soon as you feel it start to tingle, you want to neutralize it with rubbing alcohol. Just dip a Q-tip or cotton pad into the alcohol and apply it over the acid. After that you want to wash your face completely. 

I hope that information helped you!


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