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Mar 9, 2012
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So I couldn't help but post this because I can't find it online, but this gift is just amazing!!!! 

I can't wait to get it!  It won't let me post a picture, but you get a choice of eye cream, choice of serum (invcluding visionairre!) and bright expert.   THEN you get to choose 4 beauty/makeup products, 

Flash Bronzer (we have had this several times before) 

Juicy Tubes ( forget the color, but it's glittery and good for summer) 

Color Design Lipstick (IT girl) 

La Base Pro ( foundation primer) 

Le Crayon eyeliner (black) 

Star Bronzer in POWDER! Super excited about this!!!! 

Definicls PRECIOUS CELLS mascara! 

and of course the 1 and only Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover

Green and blue bag, which aren't the greatest, but who needs more bags anyway! lol. My daughters end up playing with them anyway!

So  you end up getting 7 items.  and it's with any $35.00 purchase at Lancome Dillard's in Southern Indiana.

I will try and upload a picture to my profile, so you all and can see how good the gift  is. Best part is, is that you can pre-sell with me, to get it... no matter where you are in the country! I can do free shipping!!!  So it would be worth it.   Let me know if you have questions.  And let me get these pics up so you can see the gift!!! 

I guess I'm not preimum enough for that! lol.   :p

Anyway, just wanted to reach out to some other people on here because I have been in cosmetics for 5 years now, and with Lancome for 1 year, after having 2 babies back to back they made my goal outrageous for gift, so if yoiu would like to get some goodies, give me a contact! I would love to get you some stuff! 

Thank you