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My sister got laser hair removal done under her arms, and I must say that I was very envious. She swears by it. Perhaps one day I will give it a whirl. It takes a few sessions, and I'm impatient so that is the only thing keeping me from doing it... well and besides the money factor, hah.

It hurts. Take a pain reliever pill about 20 minutes before doing it.

I didn't really get good results for it. Fair skin, light hair is ideal for it.

I did do electrolysis though. One word: Amazing!!!

I had my first session two weeks ago. I'm wondering if it really works. I have to be patient and see the results after a few sessions.

Yeah I definitely wonna do it I am just scared that they can actually Burn ur skin ??!!! But I guess u have to know where to go
As I am male I had my first session of laser hair removal on my face 2 or 3 weeks ago. Its not pain free and it hurt the most around my mouth, chin and upper lip area where the hairs are thick and the area sensitive. It took a good 2 weeks for my skin to feel compleatly normal again, I booked a pack of 6 treatments so we will see how it goes.

I've done a bunch of sessions on my face. Doesn't hurt. It takes 2 seconds. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. I would love to do under my arms. Some areas tickle me & others pinch a little, but it goes by so fast, I dont even think anything of it.

Underarms is great. I've had no hair for 5 years now! It did sting though like someone is flicking a rubber band at you from close range. Then I tried lower leg and wish I hadn't - I am covered in patchy hyperpigmentation marks that haven't gone away yet

Hey Everybody so I finally went and i got my 1st session !!! I did BIKINI it wasn't pain free, but I didnt use any numbing cream. Some spots where more sensitive than the others. CAN NOT wait fot the RESULTS !!! I also Got a pretty Good DEAL !!! HALF OFF :)))
I am currently getting laser hair removal on my upper lip. It really does work. It's been about 8 months now and my upper lip is 95% hair free. It can be a bit painful but they can give you numbing cream so it can be less painful. But the good thing is that you only have to go every 6 weeks.

I am having laser hair removal on my bikini area, underarms and upper lip. I've been going to treatment for almost two years. YES TWO YEARS. I know it seems like forever, but it is totally worth it.

Well, it is worth it for the underarm and bikini area. Those area's were sooo hairy that when I had them waxed the ladies would comment on how hairy I was. One lady actually had the nerve to tell me I was the hairiest women she had ever seen!

My upper lip hasn't had such great results. I think if you have facial hair you would be better off doing electrolysis.

Check out my signature link for pictures and more details.

if i could afford it, i would try the laser hair removal on a small area(chin)first and if i got good results i would do my legs and maybe bikini area

I'm on my 7th session for my face, I've seen results but not as much as I wanted to. People vary, for someone it could take 4 treatments for others it could take 10. Go to a professional place because some places could easily rip you off.

I agree with esha about a professional place. Try to find someone that offers a package deal - like 10 treatments, then a free year of touchup - then reduced prices for life.

I'm having it done for my underarms and it HURTS! Even with the numbing cream on and pain pills, etc. I have a high tolerance for pain and those 30 minutes are killer... EEK! But they are worth it! I already see a reduction in the amount of hair in that area. I highly recommend it!!

I've tried it twice on my face. The first time was with a company called Lasique in Austin Texas. I had a treatment a month for 14 months and it failed completely. That was over 10 years ago and I recently decided to try again after meeting several people if HAD worked for. I'm going to the Hall Rejuvenation Center in Austin and have had my third treatment now and it is working VERY well.

The thing is, many places buy one laser machine to do it all - the dermal ablation, blood veins, wrinkles, etc. When it comes time to kill hair, they put a different attachment on it - and it doesn't work for squat. The place I'm using now has a machine called the Candela Gentle LASE Plus. It was designed for one thing - killing hair and it works great!

It DOES hurt. I suspect it hurts because in my case it was a heavy beard and the skin on your face is more sensitive than other places would be. I would imagine that with the thinner hair a woman has it might be less painful but have no way to know that for sure.

The ideal candidate has fair skin with dark hair. That is because the dark pigment in the hair absorbs the laser energy and is killed. The laser will NOT kill light colored hair.

I really HATE the thought of posting this on a forum dedicated to beauty as the pictures are UGLY, but having just gone through the agony of trying to decide if I should spend the money on this myself, I would like to help ease your mind.

This link is to my blog and shows the results of my very first laser treatment

This link is to a pic of mine on Flickr that shows the results of my second laser treatment.

If you can get past the "ewww, he's ugly" reflex and look at the results, I think you will find they are significant.


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