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Jan 29, 2012
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Have you guys tried any that actually works?

I tried enormous lash = didn't do anything. Right now im using lashfood+generic latisse and my lashes actually seem to grow! (after 3 weeks)

I've used Lashfood and never saw it do anything for my lashes. I won't use a generic Latisse or even Latisse since there is a danger that lashes will grow incorrectly and potentially harm your eyes.

I've only tried the cheaper ones that you can find at the DS or Ulta and they didn't do anything.  The ardell one did make my lashes really nice as far as conditioning them and keeping them from falling out sooner but they didn't get any longer.  I really don't care about long lashes enough to go and spend 80-150 bucks on a tube lol

I used LATISSE and it took me about 10 weeks to see change. But I went through 2 bottes and had to buy third one! pricey! 120 per bottle! so I swiched to FYSIKO. it gave me real growth, length and fullness. I got more eyelashes now. it is expensive but it lasts 6 months if used daily. it works just trust me