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Feb 12, 2005
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With all the drama going down on The Hills, it’s a wonder any of the girls have time to work out. In fact, Lauren Conrad didn’t—until a friend took her to a Nike store and convinced her to buy a complete workout wardrobe.

Conrad, 21, shows off the results on her regimen—twice-a-week weight training, running and kickboxing, along with a fish-and veggie-friendly diet—on the January 2008 cover of Shape magazine. And they say you can’t get buff from shopping.

As for her diet: “I used to love fast food,†she admits, “Now I eat six small meals a day consisting mostly of fish, beans, and other protein, along with veggies.†—Tim Nudd


She does look great! On the Hills she has been shown in her bikini and she does have a great physique.

Originally Posted by brewgrl /img/forum/go_quote.gif i sort of think she looks bony... I agree....
They don't say how she has a trainer, right?

Rich *****es - 'nuff said. She looks good, so propbs.

Originally Posted by brewgrl /img/forum/go_quote.gif i sort of think she looks bony... yup that´s what I thought.
Yeah, she does look a bit too slender. Could be the airbrushing, though, trying to make her look more toned.

Originally Posted by brewgrl /img/forum/go_quote.gif i sort of think she looks bony... yep same thing i was thinking. didn't really see anything special about it. but she lost the weight so good for her.
No. She does not really look like that. The local O.C. mags tell a different story...

And I think on those covers she looks quite unnatural. She didn't look the fittest before, but certainly it was better than this computer manufactured look.

I should start working out again, I think she looks good in general and it's great that she wants to be healthy, but those mag pics aren't the greatest, look too touched up.


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