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I may be wrong - although I don't think so - but I don't think posts like this are allowed - posting just for the sake of promoting your personal blog. If you've got things you want to share with others using this forum, it's better you post your entire blog article here rather than going about it this way. This just looks like you joined for the sake of driving traffic to your blog. Not good. After a certain number of posts, you can always later put a link to your blog in your signature. But at least participate first. It'd be to your best advantage to read the rules/FAQ.

Yes, I can see the date you joined & the amount of posts you've made under your avatar. Which is why I suggested you read the rules/FAQ. Always important when joining a forum that's new to you. It's very easy to even copy & paste your blog article here for people to read, even upload your photos of your techniques. Other members can then comment on it, share their own tips, etc. That way you get many people participating, which is one of the goals of a forum. Anyways, welcome & I hope you'll post a copy of your article here :)