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Feb 22, 2006
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I'm putting this here instead of in MMU for some inane reason... Although, the MSFs are in here, so why can't this be? LOL!

MAC Cosmetics broke ground on several new product concepts this year, many of which enjoyed popularity among consumers. MAC is set to launch another new product soon- one whos market is primarily dominated by small business and drugstore lines, mineral foundation. Starting in early 2008, February / March, MAC will debut a new mineral foundation that will be packaged with an applicator. Sure to fill a much needed gap for those who long for a mineral solution to their needs from the brand, there's confidence already that this will be another hit for MAC. More details to come soon on availability and LE vs Permanent status. This foundation will launch as a Limited Edition product.
(Another little upcoming 2008 tidbit for MAC fans... Heatherette for MAC Cosmetics is a definite go, the packaging will be metallic hot pink!)

Interesting! I wonder if it's going to have more ingredients than the online MMU, like the drugstore brands.

wow!!!! i cant wait!

LOL... what is it? I feel like a sheltered person that I don't know what it is, but I should.

Okay, I found out.... I think I know my fashion really well... and still never heard of heatherette. looks like it'll be interesting though.

I reckon I'll have to ask for a sample to try. It would just really suck to like it, but know it's LE... Almost enough to make me NOT want to try it LOL!

Definitely worth sampling..........I love pink so Heatherette sounds like something I'll have to have. Ha and i don't even know what is will be yet.

Thanks Aquilah! OMG, I am soooo going to be broke. I love Heatherette and I have been waiting for MAC to finally come out with mineral makeup.

I can't wait to try it! Maybe if enough of us love it, it will be permanant! I can't wait to see the Heatherette line too, it sounds so cute.

Originally Posted by Maui_Princess /img/forum/go_quote.gif Thanx, for the info! I wonder how "mineral" the foundation will be? Either way cant wait! ditto! i wonder that too! i'm excited!
Wow that's great! I get mad though because what's the point of introducing a new type of foundation if you're not going to keep on providing it to those who loved it. It doesn't matter with eyeshadow or lipstick colors, but it may be your HG foundation and it'll be gone. They just love when people go all crazy and buy three or four in fear of running out of LE products.

I mean I don't care about LE colors, I'll get them and when they're gone they're gone, but the tendertones for ex. were soo nice and they didn't keep them
, not even one color lol. It's the only, non daily use product I've ever gotten a backup of.

I agree, they'll probably make it permanent if it's a success. Didn't that happen with the Natural MSF's too?


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