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Dec 27, 2011
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Hey ladies! The original thread was getting a little long so I'm moving us over to a new thread.

If you need to reference anything, you can still read it here.

I started running again today. 

I had completely forgotten how much I love the post run high. Previously I was using the Couch to 5K program but I today I started using the Get Running app. I really like it though the downside is it doesn't doesn't track distance/pace/speed so I also downloaded the Path Tracker app to use in conjunction with Get Running.

I'm feeling pretty good after today's run and given that I bought my first two piece bathing suit today, I am really making the push to feel comfortable wearing it next summer! (Yes, I bought a bathing suit for next summer, it was on clearance and I didn't want to invest too much money on something I may not wear)

I tried it on today and while it fits, I'm not sure I am in the best shape to wear it so I'd like to feel and look a litter better before wearing it again.

New thread makes zero sense to me as I have seen other threads that were waaaay longer but whateva.


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