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To be honest, I would probably feel mostly okay not wearing makeup - I sometimes goes bare faced. (I'm actually wearing nothing today because I only had dance and didn't feel like messing around.)

At the same time, though, my normal look is definitely really natural. I usually only wear foundation, concealer, and mascara on a day to day basis. I add in eyeshadow and lip stuff went I want to go glam, but makeup is mostly to hide uneven skin.

I love experimenting, though, and I love building up eyeshadow and lip-product collections, though! I just never hit pan on anything....hence why I'm on a low-buy this  month.

The main reason I wear make-up and pretty much the only time I wear full makeup (including foundation) is for photo shoots. Day to day I tend to not wear make-up at all. When I am managing/hosting art events I will wear lipstick or tinted gloss, some eye-make-up (the amount varies), and then sometimes a light foundation.

To make me feel pretty. I don't wear makeup daily but when I do I feel gorgeous. When I do wear it I feel blah! Put on some makeup it's an instant pick me up.

I wear makeup to make myself happy. I love putting on a little foundation and mascara - it makes me feel ready to conquer the day.


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